The Marquette Kennel Club hosts a weekend event featuring entries from all over the United States including dogs and handlers from other countries.  The AKC qualifing show consists of 4 ALL-BREED DOG SHOWS, 4 OBEDIENCE TRIALS, 4 JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP COMPETITIONS, AND  4 RALLY TRIALS.

 Article featuring the history and highlights of this club is currently under Construction. Please continue to scroll down for a list of 2018 voted officials.

2018 Marquette Kennel Club
  1. Dennis Laturie
    Dennis Laturie
  2. Jenny Seckinger
    Jenny Seckinger
  3. Jill Rankinen
    Jill Rankinen
    Vice President and Show Chairperson
  4. Mary Lee Kirkum
    Mary Lee Kirkum
  5. Jo Gerrish
    Jo Gerrish
    Public Education Coordinator
  6. Jo Gerrish
    Jo Gerrish
    Board Member